The 5:2 Diaries – Extreme Edition – Week 4 Weigh In

Weight loss this week: 0
Total weight loss: 5 lbs

Welcome to The 5:2 Diaries – Extreme Edition! After a weight gain last week, I am hitting the ground running (literally, well not literally but there isn’t a snappy saying for a cross trainer!) this week. I have been too tired after work for a decent gym session so figured I would go before work. Sound logic until it’s 6:15 am on Monday morning and you’re facing 12 hours without food. But I am proud to say that I did it, I got up and went to the gym for a 45 min cardio session.

However, after 2 fast days and 4 cardio workouts at the gym this week I have lost a total of 0 lbs. How frustrating is that?

    Monday (fast day 1)

Breakfast 2 calories – 07:30 | Black filter coffee. My legs are like jelly after my early morning work out.
Lunch 0 calories – 12:00 | Met friends for coffee on my lunch break and this is what I had: Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not even a skinny latte.
Dinner 454 calories – 19:30 | Steamed chicken with mixed vegetable and brown rice. I wolfed down my dinner then had terrible stomach pains for about an hour as the rice was trying to burst out of the seams. Maybe go easy on the carbs next time.

Total calories = 456 | Came in under the allowance today but my dinner made me feel extremely full. My boyfriend started the diet today and the pair of us were a bit narky before we ate. Making a mental note to either make dinner asap after work or make sure we fast on different days.


45 min cardio workout at 6:30 followed by coffee and fruit. Regretting the chocolate cupcake I ate (office birthday – it’s the law) when I saw it was 301 calories!

      Wednesday (fast day 2)

Breakfast 0 calories – 08:00 | No workout this morning as the gym opens later on Wednesdays.
Lunch 242 calories – 15:30 | Chicken breast salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cheddar cheese and light mayo. I debated whether to have lunch and dinner or just dinner for so long that I ended up getting a chicken salad from Subway after 3 pm! Very tasty though and surprisingly filling.
Dinner 292 calories – 20:30 | Mug of tea with semi skimmed milk and 4 double stuffed Oreo’s. Okay, I know this is terrible but I wasn’t hungry enough to make a real dinner!

Total calories = 534 | Slightly over but baby, it was worth it! I was very hungry by the time I ate my late lunch but it did set me up for the rest of the day. I didn’t need to eat 4 Oreo’s but I’ve been so smug about the early morning workouts that I felt like I deserved them ha! There might be some mileage to eating late afternoon though.


45 min cardio workout before work. Got an amazing job offer yesterday, so I was treated to lunch on expenses. I had pasta and garlic bread and I don’t regret a thing!


Another 45 min cardio workout before work. Panini and salad for lunch, followed by gourmet burger and cocktails for dinner


Made the most of the first rays of sunshine and went on a two hour hike, then for a BBQ. I ate a chicken fillet, skewer of vegetables, and ONE sausage. Feeling pretty smug.


Pizza and Cherry Coke. Whoops.


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