The 5:2 Diaries – Week 3 Weigh In

Weight loss this week: 0 (actually +2 lbs)
Total weight loss: 7 lbs 5 lbs

I have really struggled this week due to there being CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE!

Monday – I had all intention of sticking to the regular Monday fast, but Easter Monday got the better of me and I ate my own weight in leftover lamb butties. Fail.

Tuesday – Okay, back in work, back to normality. Maybe not. I was doing well (only having a skinny latte for lunch) until I got home and was faced with no pre-planned meal, bread, ham, cheese, and a toastie maker – guess what happened next? I haven’t counted my calories for today because I really don’t want to know how many are in a cheese and ham toastie.

Wednesday – No planned fast for today, but first time back in the gym (getting those leg muscles raring and ready for Glastonbury Festival).

Thursday (fast day) – Bought a Weight Watchers pasta bake, plus biscuits and cheesecake. Fail.

Friday – No, not happening today. Started with Cherry Coke and ended with fruit cider. Fail.

Saturday – Too much temptation with chocolate left over from Easter. If I eat it all now I can get back on track – that makes sense, right? Fail.

Sunday – Didn’t even try today. Plans for the gym first thing in the morning. Fail.


2 responses to “The 5:2 Diaries – Week 3 Weigh In

  1. I know how that can be! Chocolate is my favorite! Especially ice cream! It does indeed take a lot of self control and well power! I do pray for strenght to not to over endulge, etc. and all of the above help along the way! Much success to you in achieving your goal!!


  2. I wouldn’t regard non-fast days as fails! The point is to not worry on the five days and just concentrate on the completing the two fast days. Success will come and it may not be weight – look for your figure changing as a better indicator!

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