Fashion vs Function

This post is one for the ladies, let’s go shopping!

If you have already started to do your research, you will probably have read many a post detailing the sheer unimportance of what you wear to a festival. But I am woman enough to admit that, yeah I’m gonna take shit loads of photos, and yeah, I wanna look good in them. Also, working in fashion means I have to look good.

Below are my favorite picks from the high street, but I wouldn’t bother buying anything too expensive. Seen a jumper/trilby/hotpants/bralet you just have to have? STOP! Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I that bothered if this gets stained/ripped/pot-holed/puked on/touches the toilet floor/stolen?
  2. Is it easy to dry after the inevitable torrential downpour?
  3. Can you wriggle out of it with ease for toilet breaks and getting undressed in your pitch black tent?

If you answered | 1. No/little bit | 2. Yes | 3. Yes easy peasy/looks so good it’s worth the effort | Then buy that mother fudger – unless it’s a playsuit – playsuits are banned due to many unfortunate portaloo transference accidents.


L-R: Cream embroidered trapeze dress, Floral dungaree skater skirt, Print and lace tea dress. All River Island.

A look I favor at any festival is the tea dress/tights/cardigan combo. Tea dress for the structured top and floaty skirt which makes you look more presentable than a grubby t-shirt, tights (we’ll get to that later), and cardigan because it can get damn cold when you roll out of Arcadia at dawn. Granny chic is all the rage nowadays.

Clockwise from top left: Barcode jumper-Topshop, Letterman jersey-Urban Outfitters, Denim cut offs-All Saints, Printed snood-Urban Outfitters.

In the past I have made the mistake of trusting in the great British summer and refusing to pack anything with sleeves. I cannot stress enough how much of a mistake that was. You can buy Glastonbury branded hoodies and official headliner merchandise at stalls dotted around the festival site, but I don’t recall seeing them stock up until the Friday afternoon in 2011.

I would recommend a thin chiffon snood rather than a regular scarf as these are much harder for Billy Wind to blow around your head and up, up, and away into the atmosphere. Although, I have used a long chiffon scarf to cover up bare arms (no sleeves remember) to prevent agonizing sunburn.

Clockwise from top left: Oversized tee-All Saints, Peacock print leggings-Urban Outfitters, Monochrome aztec print leggings-Topshop.

If leggings are your best friend at a festival, then printed leggings are your BFF. Not only are they comfortable, easy to whip down for the good old long drop, and great for keeping the heat in your body at night, printed leggings can hide mud splatters and drink spillages all night long.



Clockwise from top left: Chelsea boot wellingtons-River Island, Rolled boater hat-Urban Outfitters, Statement zip wellingtons-River Island, Striped watch-Urban Outfitters, Tortoise shell sunglasses-Urban Outfitters.

Okay, so the Chelsea boot wellies are not suitable for a mud fest like Glastonbury, but I love them and wanted to share. If you are shopping for footwear then make sure you try them on and buy a decent pair of insoles (available from any pharmacy). Kate Moss and crew are always pictured in Hunter wellies, but they are not the £70 pair that you can buy from Schuh, so don’t bother.

Get yourself a decent waterproof watch. The hours go by far too quickly, especially when the Brothers Bar is involved, and you wouldn’t want to miss that band that you have been dying to see for ages.

I have long naturally curly hair and so a hat is my best tip for keeping your hair out of the rain. I whipped my hair up into my trilby (as demonstrated below) and kept it dry and straight for 5 days.

Top: Rolling Stones
Bottom: Embroidered military style jacket-Asos
Right: Me at Glastonbury 2011 rocking a 99p rain poncho from Wilkinsons, synched in with a belt.

Finally, get yourself a rain poncho. They fold up so small you won’t even notice it in your bag, but you will notice the difference it makes.

I will be packing two pairs of Primark leggings, and a couple of pairs of tights. As I mentioned earlier in this post, tights are an essential item of my festival wardrobe. They smooth over the lumps and bumps which we could normally hide if we had a full length mirror to get dressed in front of, and prevent the dreaded wellie rub on your calves (although I would cut off the very tips of the tights and wear cotton socks with them). Plus, if you must insist on wearing denim hotpants (some pairs I’ve seen recently are smaller than my ‘washing day’ knickers) tights hide all manner of orange peel.

I have struggled to find a suitable bag to keep the valuables safe but you need to look out for a bag with an adjustable strap so you can get it to the right length for you, and an inside zipped pocket to keep your extra valuable valuables safe. This is where the tricky part comes in, I want a bag with a top zip fastening and fold over flap. In 2011 I broke the zip on my bag on day 2 resulting in my camera getting a good soaking and misjudging the opening and dropping my phone in the mud (only getting it back due to a lovely girl texting my mum).


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