The 5:2 Diaries – Week 2 Weigh In

Weight loss this week: 4 lbs
Total weight loss: 7 lbs

Wow! 7 lb lost over two weeks! I am happy with those kind of numbers.

This week, I switched from splitting the allowed calories over two meals, to fasting for 24 hours then having all 500 calories in one go. I coped a lot better than expected and still haven’t felt like I was following a fad diet.

Here is how my week shaped up:

    Monday (fast day 1)

Breakfast 15 calories – 08:30 | 0 sugar energy drink. I will be saving up my calories for my evening meal to see how it compares to last week. That being said, my rumbling stomach managed to scare a fare few of my fellow commuters so I grabbed a can of low calories Monster on my way into work.
Lunch 0 calories – 12:00 | There is only so much appetite suppressant you can get from 1 500ml can. I AM SO HUNGRY!
Dinner 543 calories – 19:00 | Take away chicken foo yung and chips. I was so hungry I couldn’t face the wait of preparing food so picked up a Chinese takeaway on my way home. Fail.

Total calories =558 | Not planning meals ahead of time has been my downfall today. Having a low fat meal to just pop in the oven or microwave would have saved me the dieters remorse after eating my meal. I will, hopefully, learn from today’s mistake, and have already planned my meal for the next fast day.


I was starving on my way to work so made porridge when I got to my desk, but only managed to eat half of it before feeling full.


I felt like I could have done another fast day today but wanted to spread them out more over the week.


Again, I felt trike I could have fasted today but had plans for dinner and drinks in the evening.

    Friday (fast day 2)

Breakfast 0 calories – 08:00 | as its a bank holiday, I am having a long lie in watching tv in bed (best way to avoid ft day morning hunger).
Lunch 16 calories – 12:00 | Put on a pot of filter coffee and gave my apartment a spring clean. Drank more black coffee and spent the afternoon scheduling blog posts.
Dinner 482 calories – 19:00 | Peanut satay chicken stir fry with egg noodles, find the recipe here. Didn’t manage to finish my bowl of stir fry as my usually gluttonous appetite seems to be rapidly shrinking.

Total calories = 498 | Pre-planning my meal definitely helped take my mind of food as the evening was drawing in.

    Saturday / Sunday

I am not even going to pretend I have counted my calories over this Easter weekend.

Let me know what you’re tips are for fast days.


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